Manpower Supply

Architectural Design

Civil Works

Manpower supply

Finding the right fit for a Job or position can sometimes be burdensome for human resource department in companies. Therefore, DmG has come to ease that process for recruiters by supplying manpower at all levels of the company.

All you need to do is to send us a request with the skill required and Job description, then we have you covered.


We understand the place of design in today's world, for this reason we know how to deliver architectural projects in different markets. Creating places, environments and buildings with creativity and excellence in addressing the needs of our clients is what we do.

Civil works

We specialize in all kinds of construction works including engineering and structural design, preparation, construction cost estimation, excavation, concrete and masonry works, roofing, finishing work, etc. As expertise is the key to successful completion of projects, we ensure that each one of them is satisfactory. 

Paying attention to details makes us effective in what we do, we build the future and convert your dreams into reality.

Clients come for our professionalism and stay for our effectiveness.